What's New

Minor Update - v1.1.5 | December 21, 2023

Fixed – places sorting. Now, the last added place will appear at the top of the list. Fixed – a couple of annoying UI bugs.

Minor Update - v1.1.2 – v1.1.4 | December 21, 2023

We have improved and rebuilt some of our core features behind the scenes. Now, Gourmate works and loads up to 2x faster. Plus, we've squashed some annoying UI bugs.

Minor Update - v1.1.1 | December 21, 2023

This release fixes performance issues related to Places and Settings. Thank you for your continued feedback and support! Happy eating and food journaling!

Major Update - v1.1 | December 21, 2023

New Feature - Places: Save and remember all the places you've visited or plan to visit. Perfect for food lovers and travelers! iCloud Support – Now all your food memories sync across all your devices with our new iCloud integration. Improved Performance – Enjoy a smoother, faster Gourmate experience with our latest performance enhancements. Holiday Surprise – Check out the settings for a special holiday gift from the Gourmate team!

Minor Updates - v1.0.2, 1.0.3 | October 25, 2023

Fixed – Settings screen no longer cut at the bottom; Fixed – Location searching now works properly; Fixed – The status bar color is now consistent; New – Halloween season approaching, find a small surprise in the settings;

Minor Updates - v1.0.1 | September 24, 2023

Support for iOS 17. Fixed – Now, the location name shares properly. Added – Ability to choose Dark Mode by default. Added – Open location in Apple Maps.

Initial Release - v1.0.0 | September 11, 2023